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Now the people have spoken and you’re demanding MORE MESS! We’ve got tons more stories and a growing team of creative people crazy enough to work with us — BUT we need funds to help Make A Mess! Each episode costs about $200-$250 to produce and we have no end to this list of tragic tales crying out to be filmed — so all we need is support.

Our Big Master Plan is to get picked up by a network or sponsor, but we need your help to finish producing Season 2, guarantee you a Season 3, and work towards a sponsor (and ultimately — Hot Mess worldwide domination).

We recently had a successful Fundraiser with

And we are still accepting Backers for those that interested in our Amazing Hot Mess Rewards!

$5 OR MORE : “Oops” Level : A signed photo postcard from the Hot Mess Girls (From left to right Miranda Childs, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Amy Kersten, Mary Catherine Green) and your very own sticky note on our website’s Patron Wall of Fame. Hot!

$10 OR MORE “Whoops” Level: The postcard plus a limited edition Hot Mess 1 inch Button to proudly show support for the messes in your life.

$25 OR MORE “My Bad” Level: All of the above plus our branded sticky notes with the Hot Mess crumpled sticky note logo!

$50 OR MORE “Oh crap!” Level: Hot Mess survival kit with all the schwag above plus our Special Hot Mess Brand tools to save the day when the mess hits — and you know it will. We promise it will make you laugh and come in handy.

$75 OR MORE “Well, now what?!?!” Level: A DVD of Season 1 & 2 with deleted scenes, commentary and tons of extras! Plus the Kit and such.

$100 OR MORE “Total Train Wreck” Level: A Name Drop. We will drop your name or someone you know into an Episode. Call out that Hot Mess in your life with their name and we’ll reference one of their Hot Mess stories too.

$250 OR MORE   “I’m so Sorry – I’ll Pay for the Damages” Level: All of the above PLUS we will dedicate an episode to you and thank you in our credits.

$500 OR MORE “¡Ay, caramba!” Level: A walk-on role in an Episode with Lines!!! And uber VIP Treatment on Set. Meaning we’ll try to not spill anything on you.

PLEDGE $1,000 OR MORE “HOLY SH*T!!!!” Level: An Executive Producer Credit on the Season plus all of the above…. and I’m sure one of us will get drunk and make-out with you.